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LIFE AskREACH - Enabling REACH consumer information rights on chemicals in articles by IT-tools

(LIFE16 GIE/DE/000738)

09/2017 08/2022

LIFE AskREACH has the overall goal to enhance substitution of SVHC in articles by increasing the market demand for SVHC free articles and supporting industrial actors to identify SVHC in their articles. The project does not target industrial processing or particular articles or substances directly, but contributes to exposure reduction by raising awareness and ultimately changing the purchasing behaviour of consumers as well as the approaches to product design by the market actors.

The specific objectives of the project are

  • Raising consumer awareness on SVHC in articles,
  • Raising awareness and compliance of article suppliers on SVHC in articles and communication obligations under REACH,
  • Facilitating communication on SVHC between consumers and companies,
  • Initiating and guiding supply chain communication processes that finally aim at substituting SVHC in articles.

LIFE AskREACH will develop a Europe-wide applicable smartphone app for consumers to launch requests according to REACH Art. 33. The app will be connected to a database with information on SVHC in articles, thereby easing and speeding up the responses by the article suppliers. In addition, a supply chain communication tool for companies to increase their competencies and capacities to comply with REACH will be adapted and promoted.

The development of these IT tools (database, consumer app and company supply chain tool) has started in September 2017 and their launch is expected in spring 2019. To foster filling of data base and use of the app, two large campaigns will start in 13 countries synchronically addressing i) consumers to do the information requests and ii) companies to provide answers and have their supply chain communication under control. These campaigns shall be active for three years.

LIFE AskREACH will be implemented by 20 partners in 13 EU member states (DE, DK, SE, LV, PL, CZ, AT, LUX, FR, ES, PT, HR, GR) and will become visible all over Europe, facilitate the political uptake, network with other projects dealing with management and/or governance on chemicals and replicate the campaigns in several non-partner EU Member States and Candidate Countries.

LIFE AskREACH has an ambitious outreach to its target audiences

  • Approximately 3 million citizens will download the app
  • Probably twice as many individuals will hear, read or see the project information materials, posters, events and internet presence
  • Anticipated 3 million requests for SVHC information will be sent to suppliers
  • At least 250 suppliers will be directly involved in filling the data base
  • 15 companies will participate in supply chain communication action and 225 staff will receive training on SVHC tracking and communication
  • Competent Authorities, REACH Helpdesks and other relevant authorities from 28 EU MS, 3 EEA countries, Switzerland and 4 candidate countries of former Yugoslavia will participate in the project experience exchange and promote the database and app
  • Ca. 400 events (info days, seminars and trainings) will be held Europe-wide.

A more elaborate project outline can be accessed here (pdf).

If you interested to participate, please contact the following persons on the issues they are in charge of:

  • Eva Becker, German Environmental Agency (UBA), project manager, app/data base
  • Heidrun Fammler, Baltic Environmental Forum Germany (BEF), deputy project manager
  • Arno Biwer, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), company campaign
  • Manuel Fernandez, Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND), consumer campaign
  • Julian Schenten, University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Society for Institutional Analysis (sofia), supply chain tool

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